Alpine Tech Industry meets Startups

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The Alpine Tech Innovation Sprint is back and will continue with a focus on mobility in 2021! Established companies and service providers from the mobility, transport and logistics sectors work together with international startups on specific business challenges.

The goal is to bring an outside perspective into the company and add a new facet to the company's innovation culture. The joint development of solution prototypes is the basis for long-term collaborations.



  • May 10: One-day Ideation Workshop for Challenge Definition
  • June 17-19: 3-day sprint to solve challenges of the alpine mobility industry with international startups
  • June 30: One-day workshop to kick-off of long-term cooperations


  • Collaboration with international startups and access to disruptive, new technologies
  • In-depth discussions and development of a clearly defined "Challenge Statement"
  • Development of solution prototypes/approaches for the individual challenge
  • Content support, coaching & mentoring
  • Access to the network & exchange with the (nationwide) industry
  • Possibility to kick-off long-term cooperations


  • Established companies from the mobility industry (located in the alpine region and active in the areas of mobility, transport, logistics) with the motivation to address their challenges regarding digitalization, networking, individualization, sustainability, data focus, etc.
  • Time commitment to participate in the workshops and implement learnings into your company
  • Cost coverage of EUR 3,500 per company


We look forward to a closer exchange and your participation!

Registration Alpine Tech Innovation Sprint 2021


Quotes 2019

"With rapid prototyping at the Alpine Tech Innovation Sprint, we as tourism experts get to know new models for structured innovation development."

- Christian Klingler, Tirol Werbung

"During the Alpine Tech Innovation Sprint, there were problems that had to be solved very simply; and when three startups face a challenge, creative potential is sparked, which has enabled us to implement a feasible and, above all, targeted solution for the customer within a very short time to develop. It was an exciting experience that certainly promises sustainable success. " 

- Katharina Huna, Datacycle


Participants 2018 & 2019

For Startups

Startups or innovative companies with technological solutions for the mentioned challenges can apply for the Alpine Tech Innovation Sprint. An existing product or functioning prototype, that fits as a solution for the challenge or can be develeoped accordingly, is required.

The Call for Startups starts, as soon as the challenges are defined.


  • Three days innovation sprint with companies from the alpine mobility industry
  • Support, coaching and mentoring
  • One day workshop to kick off a long-term collaboration


  • Further development of your own solution / product together with companies of the alpine industry.
  • Access to the network & contacts to the industry
  • Possibility for long-term collaboration with the company plus market access
  • Accompanied kick off of the collaboration (framework, project plan)
  • Financial support for participating startups
  • optional: biking and hiking activity in the Tirolean mountains

Participants 2019